-Our Mission-

To help each client reach his or her Personal Peak in fitness.
Dicky Mulyana

Mulyana’s Fitness

Established in 2011 of Bakersfield, California. Dicky Mulyana is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer specialized in group training focusing on functional strength & conditioning along with a specialty in mechanics for flat and trail running. Out of the training facility, Mulyana is an obstacle course racer, trail runner and a world traveler.

My Mission

To provide top level fitness training and education personalized to each clients.
Happy Clients

My Vision

To create an environment that creates healthy and positive changes in everyone.


The workouts at Mulyana’s Fitness facility is not only challenging but backed by proof of science. As a client, you are able to take advantage of the heart rate system which will show your workout’s intensity via heart rate, efficiency and # of calories burned.
•Full Body Workouts
•Core Strength Training
•Cardio Conditioning
•Free Weights (Dumbbells & Kettlebells)
•Obstacle Course Training
•Running Mechanics


--$120/mo (no contract)
--1 Week Trial*: $40
--Drop Ins: $20/session
•Training: 4x a week (Monday-Thursday)
•Session Length: 45-55 Minutes
•Session times:
--Morning: 5AM, 6AM, 8:30AM
--Evening: 5PM, 6PM, 7PM
--Weekends: Offsite Run & Hike Training (time & location varies)
•Maximum Participants per Session: 20
•Monthly Weigh-Ins to track your weight, body fat, hydration level & BMR.
•Basic meal plans are provided. *For new potential members only.

Each exercises within the classes are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels, the trainer is there to help & guide you through the exercises as you need help or to challenge you further.


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